In-Town Lessons

Mon – Sat: 1-6pm

The creation of music is a personal, vulnerable endeavor. Wouldn't you prefer this endeavor to be pursued in a familiar environment? If you live in the Athens area, each lesson can unfold in the comfort of your own home, and in synergy with your busy schedule. The creation of music shouldn't be another inconvenience, and with that understanding, Articulate lessons are designed to be straightforward and fit smoothly into your week.


Video Chat Lessons

Mon – Sat: 1-6pm

Don't live in the Athens area? No problem! Simply designate the video chat service of your choice, and we'll construct an experience that will be just as effective as an in-person lesson, complete will all the same materials, customized programming, and individual attention.


Worship Team Consultation

Inquire For Scheduling

Having trouble communicating with the guitarists at your church, or just ready to take your worship team to the next level? Schedule a worship team consultation: a workshop that will focus on the finer points of playing electric guitar on a worship team. Subjects will include:

  • Tone Construction
  • Band Dynamic
  • The Pyramid of Sound 
  • Voicings and Common Tone
  • Addition Topics Per Request

Custom Lesson Materials

Per Request

Interested in learning a specific concept, technique, lick or song, but frustrated with the lack of useful materials to help you learn? Together, we can construct a system of tailor-made text and video resources to help break down the concepts you're interested in digesting, while simultaneously arranging a practice plan to help you get the most out of the learning experience.